Admissions procedure


Based on a decision of the School Board, the number of learners per class is recommended to be 22 learners. Where the demand for placement exceeds the 22 available places, a waiting list has been introduced.

Admissions Procedure:

  1. Formal application to the PSS must be made via theĀ Application Form.
  2. After submission of the application, parents will be informed if there is still a vacancy in the applicable grade. Should the class be full this will be communicated to the parent and upon request the child will be placed on a waiting list and notified should a vacancy arise.
  3. Upon invitation of the School Director, the child will be asked to take a school readiness or an entry test to determine if he/she meets the academic requirements as applicable to the PSS or to identify areas to be remedied.
  4. The application together with the outcome of the school readiness or entry test will be presented to the School Board and a formal decision for admission to PSS will be taken.
  5. The School Director will formally communicate the School’s decision to the parents.
  6. Admission to the PSS will be communicated in writing by the School Director after all formalities including financial and legal obligations have been complied with.

Notice period

One trimester prior notice (or 3 successive months) is required for cancellations of registrations for all children leaving the school.