A word of welcome to our school and what we stand for


At the Private School Swakopmund (PSS) we are committed to prepare our students for life by providing tuition in a small group environment in which we use either German or English as languages of instruction in the Primary Phases, whilst preparing students to use English as language of instruction in the Secondary Phase. However, we recognize that educational excellence is achieved by more than mere excellent academic tuition, but that we should also provide opportunities to students to acquire other necessary life competencies, which are provided for through a diverse programme of ancillary events spanning teamwork, to teaching didactics, which fosters learning and which goes well beyond mere short-term recollection in exams. This approach is furthermore supported through a committed partnership between the School, parents, and students and in some cases business at large.

In order to provide our students with the ability to obtain access to local as well as global training opportunities and thus to be competitive in a global sense, our school leaving certificate is a Cambridge International Certificate, which is widely recognised, given that there are more than 10,000 Cambridge International Schools in the World. In the Primary Phases, we either follow the Baden Württemberg Curriculum for the German Stream or the Cambridge Curriculum for the English Stream.

But enough about our academics!  We promote teamwork, are mindful of social interaction and responsibility (which require respect, integrity and honesty) and deem fun/humour in teaching to be of great importance. We value and acknowledge (and a future employer will too) commitment, excellence, individuality, creativity and just trying one’s best.

….and having said (and written!) all this, I would like to not only thank you for reading through this Foreword, but to also invite you to visit our School and see for yourself! It is a really great School and the teaching staff and students fill our School Buildings as the architect had designed it to be filled; in a very unique manner!

Kind regards

Hein Daiber (School Director)

One of my favourite School photos ……..

‘Looking at the World from a different perspective!’